Frisco Fitness Trials: Practical Fitness

Although I’m active, I periodically find myself in a fitness rut. Earlier this spring I decided to embark on a journey to try a new fitness class once a week at a different studio in Frisco, to challenge my muscles, my motivation, and to avoid a fitness plateu!

If you’ve been following my Frisco Fitness Trials series, you’ve heard about my calorie-burning experiences at Jam Box Fitness, Title Boxing Club, and Orangetheory West Frisco. Next, I found myself on an unexpected journey to Practical Fitness.

Practically Speaking… About Practical Fitness in Frisco

Got thirty minutes? Need to get in shape quickly and want visible results? Whether you’re trying to get physically fit for a trip, special event, or swimsuit season, Practical Fitness is a great option for you.

The name Practical Fitness says it all! Co-owner Jeff Gotte and the team of trainers utilize the Steady-Pace® exercise methodology. You’ll be in and out in the blink of an eye and see results after only four sessions. Totally practical and doable! If this sounds too good to be true it is not!

What is Steady-Pace®?

In 2009, Alcyr Coelho and Jeff Gotte created and trademarked a program where exercises are executed at high-intensity levels. The sessions are performed for 30 minutes once or twice a week at a very slow and controlled pace. Think turtle speed! By slowing down the movements exercises are able to be accomplished safely despite the intensity.

If you think this sounds easy, think again! You don’t utilize momentum the way its commonly seen at gyms by weightlifters during a series of repetitions. The trainer also talks and guides you through the movement to ensure proper alignment. Since repetitions are performed at a slow steady pace it creates maximum muscle fatigue. Whether you’re lifting weights with your upper or lower body, your arms and legs will begin to shake at a point. Your body will also get to the point that you can’t perform another repetition because it’s completely maxed out.

The bonus points for this exercise method is burning a few hundred calories in 30 minutes! By lifting heavier weights during a workout session it will boost the metabolism to burn approximately 350 – 650 calories.

Jeff stated, “The elevated Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) lasts from 48-72 hours post-exercise is one of the factors that separates the quality of this approach from traditional cardio. You’re not just preserving muscle (which doesn’t happen in traditional cardio – you risk burning through muscle) but the intensity prompts the addition of more muscle (tone and hypertrophy) which leads to more strength, more stable joints (injury resistance), and a faster BMR/metabolism or aka fat burning on a 24 hour basis.”

Hate getting sweaty while working out? Steady-Pace exercises are performed in cooler room temperatures where you typically don’t perspire the way you would during a traditional workout. Plus colder temperatures are beneficial because they allow a person to work out more intensely and for longer periods of time. After a session, you can comfortably dress and return to work, or wherever life takes you post-workout, without being a hot mess.

Research and application have shown to slow and reverse symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. Steady-Pace and other forms of exercise have shown a great capacity to improve many of the peripheral systems of the body while living with MS. It does not always “slow the progression” of certain levels of MS (the disease itself), but it can slow the progression of functional ability loss. If you or a family member are suffering from MS contact Practical Fitness to learn more about how they are working with clients in the community.

Private, Personalized Sessions

Practical Fitness is ideal for clients who place a high value on privacy and anonymity. The exercises are conducted one-on-one between the trainer and client in an office space equipped for fitness training.

It’s a system that allows the trainers to be 100% personalized and accommodating to each client’s ability and fitness level, also ensuring that each session is highly measurable. The sessions are perfect for the rushed business CEO or professional athlete. Practical Fitness is one of the few places every demographic can comfortably workout with true privacy.

How to Get Started

Private training sessions can be a bit pricey, but if you’re in need of quick results this investment is well worth it. I would suggest first booking a consultation with Jeff to discuss your personal goals or health needs. An individual fitness session will run $53 – $80 depending on the commitment.

Naturally, before hiring any trainer, you want to examine their credentials, because they can vary. Examples include certifications, undergraduate and graduate degrees in related fields such as exercise, sports medicine, and kinesiology.

Safety was never a question when I trained at Practical Fitness. Jeff has a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise and Sports Science (BESS) along with a Master’s degree in Education with a dual specialization in Physical Education and Sports Management (M.Ed.). He also possesses a certification by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) through their Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist program (CSCS).

My Results

After I tried Practical Fitness in Frisco, I continued the training for a few months because of the amazing results. On my third session, I noticed improved muscle tone and definition. I was also able to double my running mileage and participate in long-distance running. Jeff also helped me to rethink my outlook about fitness sessions… My exercise had become recreational and community-orientated which was not challenging my body to produce results.

Spring Break is behind us and summer will be here before you know it. To feel great this season, consider making an appointment with one of the trainers at Practical Fitness. You won’t be disappointed that you spent the money as you should see amazing results!