Frisco Fitness Trials: Orangetheory West Frisco

As I shared recently in my article Bust Through a Fitness Plateau with Trial Classes, when I find myself in a fitness rut, it’s time to change up my workout routine for a four to six week period. I’ll try a new fitness class once a week at a different studio, forcing my body to utilize my muscles in a different way.

Most fitness studios in Frisco offer a “trial” or “guest” pass at a discounted rate (or even free in many cases), so you rationalize trying new places economically.

Over the past several weeks I had the opportunity to try Jam Box Fitness and Title Boxing Club Frisco. The next trial on my fitness journey allowed me to get a little glow on and go orange!

Orangetheory Fitness West Frisco

What is that fitness studio with glowing people streaming in an out and a satisfied look on their face? Perhaps like me, you might have mistaken it for an Orange Julius shop that sells frozen drinks. Not quite!

Orangetheory Fitness is a studio that utilizes the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) methodology via small groups led by a personal trainer. If you love to be immersed in the energy of group workouts this is the place to power up. We’re fortunate to have two locations in Frisco, one just west of the Tollway at 4350 Main Street, and the West Frisco location at 3555 Legacy Drive.

What does an Orangetheory workout entail?

It’s sixty sweet and sweaty minutes of full body activities that offer sessions focused on either power, endurance, strength, or a combination of all three. The type of workout is a surprise and only announced after you arrive at the studio.

The workouts are designed to take you through the five heart rate color cardio zones. You begin in the gray zone, then transition through the blue and green zones during warm-up. Throughout class your goal is to spend 12 or more minutes in the orange and red zones combined. This is 84% of your maximum heart rate or higher. During this time you’ll wear a heart rate monitor that displays your progress. This allows each client to go at their own pace, providing the option to push to the edge.

My Personal Experience

On March 9th I showed up for my first OTF trial experience at the West Frisco studio, and honestly, I was a little nervous. Little did I know that the day and time slot I had chosen was with trainer Bryan McCann (former Dallas Cowboys football player). I knew then that this trainer was going to provide me with an insane workout!

Second, all workouts were designed to honor Richardson’s fallen Officer David Sherrad’s favorite workout series (Strength, Power, and Endurance Combination). Sherrard was a regular client and his wife is a trainer at the Murphy location. Upon learning this, I along with all of the OTF patrons that day wanted to give our all to honor Officer Sherrad’s memory.

The workout sequence consisted of rowing 1,078 repetitions – his badge number. The couple’s wedding anniversary was November 9th. We did a series of 11 followed by 9 sets of burpees, power pull-ups, pop jacks, TRX strap pull-ups, and medicine ball power jack to squat jack with a partner. Partner workouts happen to be his wife Nicole’s favorite series.

OTF is effective because it’s a full body workout,” said Bryan McCann, Orangetheory Coach and former Dallas Cowboy’s NFL player. “There’s a different focus each day which helps develop strength, power, and endurance. No workout is ever the same, which ensures that your body doesn’t get used to the classes. The lack of monotony makes sure you are always challenging yourself. OTF provides the community of group fitness along with the touch of having a personal trainer. We love to motivate and challenge our members, while also celebrating their accomplishments on their fitness journey.” 

OTF’s ‘Orange Love’ program is also known for giving to charities and organizations in the community each month. Members are able to check-in on Facebook to donate to the cause.

If you want to experience a glow on your skin, a great workout, and also support the community, consider getting in the Orange Zone with Orangetheory Fitness in West Frisco!