Frisco Fitness Trials: Horizon Hot Yoga

Relocating to Frisco was a no-brainer for me. During the winter months, you can wear flip-flops, drink a cocktail on your patio in the afternoon, and never worry about shoveling snow.

As for the summertime heat? No problem… The Texas wind usually provides some relief. Throw in the recognized school district and Frisco is an idealistic place to live.

While Frisco has a lot of options to suit your flavor, style, and preferences, it takes a little effort for a new resident to get out and find new go-to spots that are special and unique to them. It’s the small things one might fail to consider when relocating to a new geographical area… Things like finding new favorite foodie venues, local pubs, parks and hip/trendy yoga studios and fitness trainers that suit your personality.

Finding My Second Home

As a long-time yogi, my biggest challenge since moving to Frisco has been finding a yoga studio to call my second home. There are a lot of great studios in Frisco where you can do a downward facing dog, but yoga is a very personal thing. Until recently, I hadn’t found a place that completely resonated with me.

In order to achieve that ‘chill mental state’ and love the studio, I need variety in the vinyasa flow, eclectic world music, a unique vibe, and I must love the instructor. An instructor’s unique personality transmits through their style of teaching, and it can make or break your yoga experience.

Case in point, several of the Lifestyle Frisco writers are yogis and you would think we all utilize the same studio. Nope! Due to our own various personalities, we all call different studios in Frisco our ‘yogi homes’.

My Experience at Horizon Hot Yoga in Frisco

Recently, Horizon Hot Yoga popped onto my radar. Always up for a new adventure and challenge, I contacted Elenna Heroux, the Marketing and Community Coordinator, to learn more about their classes. I signed up for the next available class.

When I entered the studio, it felt serene and fresh – the perfect way to start my Saturday morning. The 60-minute Vinyasa flow was taught by a substitute teacher named Liel. I instantly loved her unique style, soothing yogi voice, and eclectic music. I returned a few days later and tried a class with another instructor, Sally Scott. She also had a great vinyasa flow and ended class with a nice shoulder rub!

Bringing the Heat

Both of the classes were taught in a 90-degree temperature with gas heat generated through cloth vents, pumping heat uniformly into the room. Sometimes in climate-controlled hot yoga studios, parts of the room can be hotter in certain areas due to a poor quality or older ventilation system.

Horizon Hot Yoga has the temperature just right, to allow the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to relax and deepen into asanas (poses). And just enough humidity to feel tropical! No need to worry about running late and ending up with the dreaded super-hot spot on a busy day where clients are wall-to-wall in the room. (You know what I mean yogis!)

If mid-morning isn’t your thing, no worries! Horizon Hot Yoga has a wide variety of class times. You can jumpstart your morning with a 5:45 Hot 26 with Elenna Heroux, or a nooner Power Flow with Mary Ellen Crow. I hear the Sacred Geometry Vinyasa on Tuesday and Thursday evenings is amazing!

Yoga for Balance, Bloating and Blood Flow

You’re probably familiar with the numerous health benefits of yoga such as flexibility, weight loss support, improved sleep, better balance, and circulation, along with decreasing stress levels. Did you know a regular yoga practice can help with bloating? Nothing is worse than being bloated – especially poolside!

Bloating can be caused by increased stress and anxiety levels which taxes the stomach. This causes hormones and neurotransmitters in the body to become out of balance. However, simple tricks such as deep breathing practices during yoga help relieve stress levels and improve blood flow to the stomach.

You’re Invited to a HOT Party

On Saturday, July 14, Horizon Hot Yoga is celebrating their 6 month anniversary and offering complimentary classes! Beginners are welcome as there is no experience is necessary! You can be bloat-free and get a free yoga class… it’s a win-win!

If you love to be in the mix of Frisco festivities, drop by the studio on Thursday, July 12 at 3:30 pm for their official Frisco Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony. A reception will follow. On Friday, July 13, they’ll have pop-up shops from Lorna Jane and Noon Day.

Add Horizon Hot Yoga to your schedule for next week. It may become the studio you call your second home to achieve that chill mental state we all want!

Workout Tip: Wear fitted yoga clothing. Bring a water bottle, yoga mat, and a towel. Athleta and Lululemon make great yoga attire. Both lines hold up to wear and tear and wash well. If that isn’t in your budget, I recommend Marshall’s or Old Navy.