Frisco Fitness Trials: Jam Box Fitness

Photo Credit: @dallasfitnessambassadors

As I shared recently in my article Bust Through a Fitness Plateau with Trial Classes, when I find myself in a fitness rut,  it’s time to change up my workout routine for a four to six week period. I’ll strive to try a new fitness class once a week at a different studio, forcing my body to utilize my muscles in a different way.

Most fitness studios in Frisco offer a “trial” or “guest” pass at a discounted rate (or even free in many cases), so you don’t have to break the bank trying new places.

Please follow me as I try several fitness studios in Frisco over the next several weeks and report back to you about my experiences.

My First Trial Class: Jam Box Fitness Lounge

Jam Box Fitness, recently opened in Frisco on 2nd street in Historic Downtown Frisco. I was told Pound Rockout was one of the more popular classes at their Frisco location (the other location is in Addison). I had no idea what to expect.

Photo Credit: @dallasfitnessambassadors

I entered a bright white classic interior studio with hip-hop music playing in the background. My instructor Meagan greeted me with a smile a pair of lime green drumsticks. Say what!?! I thought I signed up for a weightlifting class but I was mistaken! Pound Rockout was an intense and invigorating forty-five-minute cardio workout.

Did I say intense? I mean REALLY INTENSE workout!

The Calorie-Blasting Details

The first thirty minutes were legs with squats and arm movements pounding drumsticks to the beat of the music. We tapped high in the air with the drumsticks followed by squats and thumps to the floor with the sticks. We pounded front, back, right, and left. I was exhausted and could feel the burn after the first thirty minutes!

Then came the abdominal series, which consisted of seated leg lifts while you pounded drumsticks to the beat!

It’s a challenge because your legs are extended in front of you which forces you to utilize the abdominals to move the legs up and down and pound the drumsticks. Since I’m not the most coordinated individual, I found this to be really challenging.

During our last movement, we performed a bridge posture with repeated pulses (up, right, and left) for five to ten minutes. The abdominal series set my booty on fire! As our instructor mentioned…

We’ll thank her during bathing suit season!

I had a blast during my workout and it was like nothing I had ever done before. If you’ve been doing the same cardio movements or classes for a while, I highly recommend trying this class to change up the muscle movements in your body. It was a fun new way to burn a LOT of calories.

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