Frisco Diner Has A Winning Formula

Breakfast, specially going out for breakfast, was always a big deal in my family. I vividly remember going out to breakfast with my parents every Saturday morning, and even sometimes during the week (which usually only happened on special occasions, like on my birthday).

Even as my father moved to Houston for work when I was a junior in high school, the ritual remained intact when he returned home every other weekend. And when I ventured down to the Bayou City to see him, I wasn’t shocked to see dear old dad had several great breakfast joints in Harris County that he liked to frequent, places in which I also quickly also saw the appeal.

My dad has been gone for some 22 years now, passing in my first year of grad school, and my mom still lives in my hometown of Tulsa. Unfortunately, due to a heavy work schedule, I don’t get back to T-Town to see her as much as I’d like, but when I do, breakfast out is always on the menu, pun completely intended.

As someone who has lived in Frisco since November 2003, one thing that has always puzzled me is the lack of quality sit-down breakfast places. Yes, there’s Le Peep at Preston Road and Stonebrook Parkway along with an IHOP further down Preston near 121 which were the primary options for some time.

Fortunately, those options have expanded in recent years and about three months ago Frisco Diner joined the mix. It’s a rather intimate spot just north of Main and the Tollway on the east side of the toll road several doors down from Blue Goose Cantina.

I went there for breakfast early one weekday morning and was immediately impressed. After being greeted as I walked in by several friendly employees, I took a seat at a booth, was handed a menu, and offered coffee.

As soon as my waitress, Jenna, returned with my coffee, I already knew what I wanted… corned beef hash with two scrambled eggs, hash browns, and buttermilk pancakes. By the way, hash browns and pancakes are included with the corned beef hash but one could opt for a side of toast instead of the pancakes. I also ordered a side of grits, and when asked if I’d like them cheesy, of course, I said yes.

A quick word about the space the Frisco Diner is in… It used to house the Coney Shop, a place which was occupied by two fellow Tulsa natives who wanted to bring the Tulsa-style coneys made famous by the local Coney I-Lander chain to Big D. Their version was a pretty accurate representation, but unfortunately their business didn’t last.

In the Frisco Diner, the coffee was piping hot and quite good. The Diner gets brownie points for not just offering an ample supply of creamer, but several varieties like hazelnut and vanilla.

I cracked open a baseball book I was reading about the longest game in history, a 33-inning affair in the International League back in 1981 between the Rochester Red Wings and Pawtucket Red Sox, a game future Hall of Famers Wade Boggs and Cal Ripken Jr. both played in, to read more about this baseball marathon. But it wasn’t long before Jenna re-appeared, this time bearing gifts, tasty gifts at that. On one plate was my corned beef hash, hash browns, and eggs. My two buttermilk pancakes appeared on a smaller plate by themselves along with a small bowl of cheesy grits.

After getting some Tabasco, which along with ketchup and pepper, I doused on my eggs, hash browns, and hash. It was time to dig in. The corned beef hash, which I know is not the healthiest dish on the planet, but is still an occasional indulgence, was perfect. It had a nice crust atop it and wasn’t burnt at all. Plus, a nice mix of potatoes and corned beef made the dish just like I like it. My eggs were perfectly scrambled, soft and fluffy.

In fact, I was enjoying the eggs and hash so much that for a moment I forgot about the cheesy grits. So, I took a break from my main dish and tasted a spoonful of those cheesy, gooey grits and they too were outstanding. With a savory flavor and ample amount of cheese, their flavor was enhanced even further.

After finishing the eggs, grits, and hash, I finally got to the pancakes. Top-notch with a nice buttermilk flavor and cooked to a textbook golden brown, but due to the amount of food I had ordered and previously ingested, I was unable to finish my flapjacks.

Several times during the meal, Jenna stopped by to see how my food was and also to top off my coffee.  So now, thoroughly bloated after eating one of the best breakfasts I can remember, she handed me the bill. Total was about $16, not bad for a great way to start the day. I paid the bill, left her a nice tip and informed them I would definitely be back.

Of course, Frisco Diner doesn’t just offer corned beef hash. With all the usual breakfast staples like French Toast, omelets, pancakes, skillets, and waffles plus such specific favorites like chicken and waffles, eggs benedict, huevos rancheros, and migas ANY breakfast appetite will be satisfied at the Diner.  Open from 7 AM to 2:30 PM every day, you can come back at lunchtime for a full lineup of comfort food, hamburgers, paninis, and sandwiches.

As of yet, Frisco Diner does not have a website, but hopefully that will change. They do get pretty busy on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so unless you go early, expect a wait. But if you’re looking for a tasty, home-cooked breakfast, it’s a wonderful addition to the Frisco breakfast scene, a welcome one at that.


Sunday – Saturday 7am – 2:30pm


9250 Dallas Pkwy
Frisco, TX 75033

(214) 618-0652