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A mashup of “Modern Nature,” Monat Anti-Aging Hair Care is the first network marketing business that’s dedicated to anti-aging hair care. With a naturally based botanical line that is clinically proven and GUARANTEED to perform, Lisa Stubbs is helping to turn the hair industry on its head.

As an independent rep, Lisa is helping launch the first anti-aging hair care line, and Monat is delivering what people want in their hair care with active botanicals (100% toxin-free, vegan). She’s been using the product line herself for 2.5 years, since December 2014, and she’s been sharing it with others for 2 years.

Hair damage and hair loss, for both men and ESPECIALLY for women, can be emotionally devastating, confidence breaking, and demoralizing. Frustrated and embarrassed by her own dry and damaged hair, Lisa’s shoulders would cringe whenever people sit behind her. Visible split ends combined with extensive hair loss in the shower and thinning at the temples, Lisa was desperate for a solution.

She visited with two different internal medicine doctors and tried two different brands of biotin vitamins. For hair care products, she tried Nioxin, and she met with a holistic chiropractor for 1.5 years. None of these avenues gave her relief from her issues, nor offered me my money back.

Lisa Stubbs

After using the shampoo line for three months, friends kept asking her what she had done to her hair as there was such a noticeable difference. Over the course of the next two months, these questions became the primary theme of most of her conversations.

She realized there are a lot of people suffering from scalp and hair concerns, and these products could help. In addition to looking for another stream of income to help repair years of financial struggle, Lisa became a distributor, not just a Monat customer.

So, what’s a typical day-in-the-life of a successful Monat distributor? Lisa says,

Each day definitely varies, however I enjoy it all now. I’ll admit I used to like to hang out at home and be more introverted. Now, I’m a happy, learned extrovert because my “why” is stronger than my anxiety or fears. One day, I can help someone host a “Wine & Wash” party, train a new market partner, assist others with personalized product recommendations, or attend a networking event in the community, then meet someone for lunch or a smoothie.

The best part, though, is that I can adjust my schedule to my children’s needs because I am also a stay-at-home mother. I love the flexibility to be a school room mom and volunteer in my church. Let’s face it… I need the flexibility to keep up with four children and my husband!”

You might think you know about network marketing businesses, but Lisa thinks, “you really don’t.” She’s having so much fun with a product line that is literally changing women’s (and men’s!) lives with regard to their appearance.

There’s an increased number of articles about toxic hair care ingredients. It only takes 26 seconds for toxins placed on our skin to enter our bloodstream. Do you know what you’re putting on your scalp? Preserving the hair’s natural, or dyed, color, Monat products contain 50% less water than other hair care lines and it’s safe for hair extensions, too. And, Lisa says,

Now, I know why people drive nice cars! It was EASY to get used to that benefit (earning a Cadillac due to sales)!”

Through building her business, Lisa’s desire to give back by helping others has been amplified. She says,

I entered a friend into a “Dental Mommy Makeover” challenge and she won! What an unbelievable blessing to watch her smile transform. Now, I’m working on aligning myself with a non-profit organization to help with. There are so many things that pull at my heartstrings.

Monat is the FIRST hair care line in the world to have the technology of a split-end and micro-damage mender (clinically proven and patent pending up to 3 mm). That’s right… 100% mended! Scientist-tested by placing the mended split-end hair in water with shampoo for 36 hours, and it did NOT un-mend! #miracleproduct #gamechanger”

As for the future, Lisa plans to continue helping people grow their own Monat businesses by empowering others to set goals and dream bigger. Join her! With Monat, it’s all about choices, and here’s your opportunity to make them!

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