ZIP Cash invoices for cars you no longer own


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Driving Forward: Avoid ZipCash Bills for Your Sold or Traded Vehicle (title of e-mail I received from NTTA)

You don't need to have a toll tag in order for the NTTA to send you an invoice when that vehicle is driven on the tollway. That's how ZipCash works. No NTTA account required.

Buy a new vehicle and drive it home on the tollway with the dealer paper tag on it? You will get an invoice until you enter that dealer paper tag into your NTTA account.
Sell/trade and existing vehicle and remove the sticker from the windshield? The license plate does not change. Here comes the invoices from the new owner driving on the tollway.
The insurance company totals your vehicle but it can still be driven? A totaled vehicle is simply not worth repairing; it has little to do with whether someone can drive the vehicle on the tollway with YOUR license tags still on it.

If you HAD a toll tag account for the former vehicle and you don't get NTTA to invalidate that vehicle on your account, you won't get invoices. The charges will simply be applied to your NTTA account without any notification to you. I gave away an old pickup and noticed the charges on my account for that license tag.

Some of these events will require you to call NTTA to make it happen. Others can be done online.
Remove your plates and also there is a form online you should complete when you sell your vehicle to remove any liability for tolls, tickets, accidents, red light violations, or anything else that happens with the car after you sell it. It changes the official DMV records so that you are completely removed.
Hmmm, remove the plates ALWAYS when you sell or trade in. That's common sense I would hope.
For native Texans maybe, but not us non-Texans. In my old state, the plate was on the car for life. I had never heard of removing plates until after I had the toll issue on a car I traded in. I also never heard of new plates every 7 years until I received my new set.

I just had a totaled vehicle and had to press to get them to send me the plates (since the car was kinda driveable with some minor repairs). They stated they would have "destroyed them" and made my request sound unusual. I just told them about my toll issue.
I also mentioned (not sure why they didn't) that I can get registration credit if I turn in the plates to the DMV. It's only about $40, but hey why not.
I'm not a native Texan, and I'm from a state that doesn't have tolls. The reason I always removed tags from cars I've owned is I didn't want some crime traced to me. Total paranoia on my part I'm sure, but you never know!


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We take our plates off! We received several red light tickets in the mail on DH's car after he traded it in. It was a big headache to get that straightened out.
What if I sell a car with unpaid tolls to a dealership. Do I no longer have to pay those tolls? The only thing they can do is block your registration on that one car, correct?


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Never said anything about liking it. If you don't want to pay or get double taxed, then don't drive on it. I don't do it when I don't want to pay it. If he didn't want to pay the toll he should have never gotten on the tollroad.


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Even if you take the plate off your NTTA account you would be charged for tolls if the plates are still registered to you. Don't rely on the new buyer to change the registration. Many know they can get free tollway use by leaving it registered to you. As soon as you sell the vehicle or turn in at the end of the lease go on line and fill out a VTR-346 to tell the state you no longer own the vehicle..

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