Your personal trash experiences

Trash Day = Monday

Last week, my trash was picked up as scheduled, but my recycle was left un-touched. After a long night of tossing and turning worrying about my recycle bin I woke up still wondering if maybe they came and emptied the bin I left the bin out hoping for a Tuesday pickup....when I arrived home Tuesday evening...I could hear the angels singing as I noticed my bin had moved, the top was open, and clearly it had been emptied...I was so happy that my sleepless nights would not continue....

This week, trash and recycle was picked up as scheduled on Monday. Whew! One less thing to worry about now...Now I can start worrying about how much my neighbor waters his yard...
One week with out pick up is no big deal. Just wait until your neighborhood doesn't get recycle pick up for 3 weeks and trash doesn't get picked up for over two weeks.

Obviously those making fun of us complaining about having pick up issues are not experiencing the same extreme delays.

I fill my trash bin every week and I fill my recycle bin every week, so 3 weeks of no service, while still paying my water/trash bill, is something to complain about. I did call and email both the city and CWD and they promised a Saturday pick up. That didn't happen, so they lied about that.

When I pay for a service I expect to receive that service and not get ripped off.
We stopped using the recycle bins awhile ago because they'd throw them all up and down the alley if they even picked them up at all, so we just stuff everything in the trash bin, but had no choice once the regular trash bin was stuffed full and not being picked up either.

I'll be so glad when this debacle is finally over.