Who is good at picking frames? (eyeglasses)


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Does anyone know of an eye wear place around here (Frisco area) who has someone who is very good at picking frames for other people? Can you share their name and location with me? TIA


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http://frisco-eyecare.com (preston & gaylord)

My teenage son is difficult to fit for glasses. They recommended we come in during a hosted "trunk show" and meet with distributors directly especially since the newest styles would be there...that did the trick! We were going to consider the frame-less option since it would be an easier option to customize but they were upfront about potential lens cracking if the glasses were not handled with extreme care. They are really nice there and very helpful.

Can't think of their name, but I love the lady who does that inside the new eye place that faces the Tollway, in front of Main Event. She's really very good!