Where to purchase a custom sports banner


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I think I've posted this place before but the place is Imaging on the Square in downtown McKinney. Their number is 972-548-7575. The owner is Mark and he is great. Really helpful. He can print on almost anything. They even do canvases there but also vinyl and fabric and paper. I think he said they can print up to 60" wide and however long you want. Their prices are also a lot better than anywhere else I've found.


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Any suggestions for a local company that can help me design and make a large custom sports banner?
I worked at the FedexOffice here in Frisco (by the Mall) for over 5 years designing and creating various types of banners and signs for Customers. I would check in with Jason or Robin there to discuss your plans and see the many options they have available for your needs. Also, FedexOffice normally has minimal designing help charges and they are also in the midst of a big Signs & Graphics promotion that should help defray any of the costs. They have many more options available to offer the customer, since they are a very large network of connected Centers that have diverse equipment and product lines available to them with quick turnaround times.

Check it out!