Where do people list guest quarters or garage apartments for rent?

My daughter is graduating and will be moving out this coming winter. Obviously apartments are easy to find, but we thought it would be fun to look for a little garage apartment or studio that someone has above a garage or detached from a house that they're renting out. Any thoughts on how to find something like this? I have access to MLS but these specifications are hard to search for, as it's mostly homes for rent.

Is there some local classified listing or place where locals go to find this sort of thing?
Tough to find. Depending on which parts of the DFW area. So many HOA’s won’t allow garage apartments or guest cottage rentals to someone not in the immediate family. So most homeowners rent them out through their network quietly without an ad (basically friends - or “friends of friends”.) I’d still try Craigslist though. You’ll find more in older neighborhoods or near colleges in the DFW area.