What is wrong with my TV?

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Ok so all you techies out there, what is wrong with my TV?

I will be watching TV and the sound and picture will cut out for a few seconds and then come back. It happens repeatedly to the point which it is barely watchable. Its getting very annoying The sound takes a second or two longer to come back than the picture. It seems the only time this does not happen is when I am watching something live like a football game. Is this something that can be repaired or is the TV toast? TV is about 7 years old. Sony LCD.

I know TV's are cheaper than they used to be, but they are still not what I would consider cheap, so I would like to repair it if is possible.


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ours does that depending on the channel we are watching...I think it's the programming more than our t.v.s...but then again, who knows with technology, both our sets could be going out...lol

Perhaps television stocks are low and need a boost, eh? LOL
first, make sure its the TV. watch a movie from a DVD player or some other video source and see if the issue persists. if it does, you know its the TV. but most likely it would be more logical to replace than repair.
That sounds more like an issue with your signal. If so the problem is more than likely either your service provider, your cable/satellite box, or the coax cabling running to that location in your house. Do you have more than one TV and if so does it happen on the others? Who is your service provider?
Could be your cables from your cable box to the tv. You can try the cables on another tv and see if the problem follows. If not, try moving the cable box to a different tv and see if the trouble follows. If not, then its you tv.

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I have more than one TV and it only happens with the one set. It also happens if I watch something I DVR'd I don't own a DVD player or blue ray player so I can't test that. I am thinking it could be the HDMI cable It will be a pain to change because it us in the walls and then out to the garage where the box is, but I think I am going to have to try.
Still sounds like an signal issue. If it is not present on the other TVs then it is narrowed down to the either the box or the cable feeding the troubled TV. My recommendation would be to take one of the other boxes from your working TVs and switch it out with the box feeding the troubled TV. If the problem goes away then its the box faulting out and if it doesn't you have narrowed it down to the cabling.

If that HDMI cable between the garage and your TV is over 30 feet or so then that could be your problem. HDMI cables get very sketchy as you stretch the distance. There are newer cables that can mitigate some of that but if it is a standard HDMI over a great distance that could also be a problem.

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I will try and switch the box out tonight and see what happens. If the problem doesn't go away then I will try switching the cable and see what happens.


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which TV provider do you use. It could be the signal. I had this happen repeatedly with Direct TV it would happen mainly with live TV events. It was the box that needed to be replaced.