What do you think it was???


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So the other day I was driving home and I hear a big pop. Within a half a mile my tire is totally flat. Luckily that is about how far I was from my house. When we looked at the tire there was a hole about the size of a pea on the bottom of the tire. If this was caused by a nail it had to have been a big nail and did not stay in the tire. What could have caused this?

I was on Eldorado near Teal heading west.


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My guess is that you drove over a board with an embedded nail. This punctured the tire but then pulled the nail/screw back out of the tire, leaving a larger hole. Usually a loose nail will remain in the tire, causing a slower leak. The next time you use the car, the tire will be flat and require a repair.
A few months back I ran over one of those folding hex pocket tools (think pocket knife with hex keys). One of the hex keys was folded out at a 90 degree angle and I saw it too late to avoid. Got home and thought all was well, but next time I went out drive that vehicle tire was flat as could be. But even that left a large visible puncture but not necessarily a pea sized hole.

Honestly could have been anything.