Water Tank on Preston Being Torn Down ?!?!?!?

As general rule Frisco doesn’t care about history. Just shiny and new concrete jungle you could find anywhere. I hope it was weather related versus just making way for another nail salon.

Drove through last week. I am headed back to North Texas for work but absolutely will not consider Frisco.
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I have to agree. It seems like City "leadership" is simply interested in growth for growth's sake. What shiny new name can we bring in and hang on a building and give cash or land or a tax abatement to so we can say they are now in Frisco.
It was built in the 60s so been around before Frisco was anything.

It was not shiny or related to Jerry so Cheney thought it needed to go. Glad people like Cheney aren’t in charge of places with real history they’d consider ugly and just tear down.
The grain silos will be gone in a few years too....they don't fit with the "new vision" for Frisco. Just look at what's about to begin in downtown....new multi-story commercial/residential developments.


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Does Frisco have so little meaningful history, that an unsightly, short, squat empty water tank, is spoken in such hushed reverent tones, that you would think it was The Colosseum in Rome? Tradition? Historic?

Did many Frisconians have their first kiss there? Or propose there?


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Would have been nice if the could have kept it, cut out the painted part, flattened it and turned into into an art installation at say the cultural center.
It really needed to go. It was rusting. 1960 water tank, not a tall water tower like the 1924 iconic one downtown. I realize folks will miss the nostalgia associated with their younger days memories. But the City would have had to sand it & repaint it.

They spend so much other money on preserving history - many old downtown buildings they saved from the bulldozer, moved the church & those houses to the Heritage Center, spent recently (3-4 years ago) around $200,000 sandblasting & painting the 1924 water tower, they provide us with a great history museum to exhibit & archive over 100,000 photos, and Frisco historic items, etc.

Many residents complain about tax dollars - do you really want to use tightly budgeted tax $$$ to preserve a 1960 water storage tank? Instead of new roads, fire stations etc. (It would have been more interesting to possibly save it if the Coons names was still painted on it - to me that’s historic & newsworthy somewhat.) And The City gave plenty of time to private groups to consider saving it. Which would be much, much more expensive to slowly dismantle it (not easy to cut neatly through welds) - plus find a location for it. No one stepped up.

Sorry to see it go, but we can’t save everything. My 2 cents.


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As some may know, FISD began with all 12 grades in a single building on Maple Street and ONE football team (my children attended Frisco schools but I did not). Preston Road was a two-lane blacktop with a red blinker light at Main and the water tower nearby.
There are now 9 high schools dispersed across the city with only one mascot (and yearbook) named after a raccoon. Former mayor Bob Warren probably has several stories about Frisco High School and its place in the history of Frisco. The water tower will live on in photographs.


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That area around the water tower needs to be gutted. If I recall aren’t there broken down buildings in that area? Think I remember noticing a broken down old automotive garage, and the water tower, every time I drive by there.
The tile company building next to the water storage tank is also being demolished. That narrow angled lot will become city park land. No buildings. After Preston Road was slightly rerouted years ago, it left that water storage tank/tile company lot too narrow to build structures on with enough space for required parking & ROW. (The current plan is a nice garden with art sculptures - paid for without city tax dollars. Good news. (The $$$ for the art sculptures garden comes out of the public arts fund - paid for by developers - I believe 2% allocated of every capital project.)

Some trivia btw - the city hall was originally going to be built just across the road - at the SE corner of Preston & Main - considered at the time the dividing line between east & west Frisco. Now DNT is considered the informal start of west Frisco.