Water rates to double over next 9 years


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Just read.rates are going up by.over.10% each.year.for the next 3 and will be double todays rates by 2025.
still planning on 25% future water needs to be meet by conservation...
Ugg, already thought water bills were getting high.
Add it to the list of growing reasons North Texas is becoming less affordable. While still a bargain compared to big metro areas like LA, San Fran, DC, Chicago and Boston it is no longer a more affordable option versus other parts of the country.

High Electric Rates
High Water Rates
High Auto Insurance Rates
High Property Taxes
Rising housing costs
Tolls everywhere

We just relocated to the Midwest from Frisco and even with paying a state income taxes our cost of living here is lower. Homeowners 60% less, Auto 30% less, Property Taxes 50% less.

I wonder when growth slows as cost of living advantage shrinks and eventually disappears. North Texas unfortunately has a pretty ugly landscape and an unfavorable climate but those negatives are easy to overlook when dealing with low cost of living.

As an aside our new place has a well. What a difference. Not only is there no water bill but the taste of the water is exponentially better than what NTMWD ever provided.

We got our last water bill from Frisco and the games continue. Some how even though the house was only occupied three days of the entire billing cycle we used more water then every other month except the one just before and that was high because I was hand watering new sod everyday so I expected that jump. During repeated calls they claim to read meter each month but I simply to do not believe them.
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Frisco is turning into the concrete jungle. The water that falls from the sky will end up in Dallas so what is the use of drilling a well? The city drills them for the parks, letting the users of NTWMD pay for what grass is left as well as personal use.

Let's build more apartments, parking lots, roads, etc.
water rates are already kind of high. Jut got my water bill today and noticed how much more it is then it was last year. With the rates rising like this I blame elected officials in office for bad planing.


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Here's one thought, if rates go up we should expect the quality of water to go up. I would expect them, at a minimum, to reduce the hardness of our water. People having to spend money on water softeners and plumbing repairs to clear calcium carbonate off their plumbing fixtures is ridiculous. For those of you who don't know what that is: you remember your black kitchen utensils coming out with white residue after the dishwasher?


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Dealing with the court system, environmentalist, building a new waterline from Texhoma and finally being allowed to build new reservoirs is EXPENSIVE. Guess who gets to pay for all this. The NTMWD held off adding additional reservoirs for toooo long because they didn't want to raise rates. Now the environmentalist and land rights lawyers have more power which has greatly increased the obstacles to building more capacity. The NTMWD is also working to upgrade the quality of the water which is also going to be very expensive.

It's going to get real expensive to live in Frisco with toll roads, water and city property taxes that are going to have to increase to pay off the city's debt.