Wahlburgers opening in Frisco


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I won't be going there. $10 for a chicken tender kids meal with drink. $8 for a hamburger and then they want $1 more for grilled onions. $9 for a sloppy joe and $3 for a glass of milk. Heck I can buy a gallon for $1.39 at Krogers.


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I wish my last name was Wahlburger so I could open up a burger joint in Frisco. Giggle.

Has anyone eaten there? How's it taste? I imagine it's pricey being a Wahlburger and in the Star district area.

And who is Scott Ellis? I can't figure this guy out.
I've eaten at Wahlburgers many times and the food has always been hot and fresh and good. I always try to make it a point to eat there when I go back home to Boston to visit family. I don't see the prices being any higher than most other restaurants at their level. I am super excited that this is opening just up the road from me. Guess it helps that I am a big fan Mark and Donnie Wahlberg. :) I will be there for the opening for sure!