Unusual prblem with the interior wall (video)

It got this way relatively quickly, enough to pop the nails out of the sheetrock. There appears to be a 2x4 possibly warping in the wall that backs up to the guest bathroom... Is it foundation problem (never had the foundation problem before, no cracks in the walls inside and outside) or something else? Who should I call to find out?... Foundation repair company or somebody else? Thank you.
My instinct from past experience is that it’s not a water leak (plumbing or roof). Likely just a faulty warped stud. Probably warped to begin with (and the builder should have rejected it) and so it’s slowly warping more with age. If it was a water leak, you’d see Sheetrock damage and paint peeling from the moisture before it would be wet enough to warp the board.

Yes, not a foundation problem.

Not easy to pop a Sheetrock panel off the wall and nail it back in place - you’d have to tear it out completely, then reinstall the stud, put a new piece of Sheetrock in and texture/refloat the wall seams. Then paint. Probably a $500 or more project by a skilled handyman. (I know a guy btw - an ex-homebuilder for decades, so more skilled than an average handyman. Nothing in it for me, just trying to help.).

And I’m the kind of frugal homeowner who’d just live with the warped spot on the wall and save the $$$ until I was doing other remodeling around the house at the same time. Then it would cost very little while you already had a crew in your house anyway.
I agree with TDC, the most likely cause is a faulty stud. It definitely falls into the just live with it status but, my only concern was that there is a bathroom behind it and confirming there is no water leak could prevent a very costly repair in the future.


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This can be a serious problem. I had this problem a long ago therefore I hired the bathroom remodeling professionals and they had the problem permanently fixed. I think you should once see their official website and consult them online. Hope it might help if the problem still persists.
Geez Marie, don't you think San Jose is wee bit far away from Frisco - especially for a house call?