United airlines - unable to read english

My kid was involuntarily bumped off a United flight today. Next flight out - the next day. After reading the gate agent the Department of transportation's passenger bill of rights, the gate agent kept coming up with bogus excuses why the BoR didn't apply. First it was that it was a weight issue and they did not have to compensate. No Sir! That exclusion only applies to aircraft BELOW 60 passengers - the CJR700 is over 90 passengers. Then he switched to it was a change of aircraft - No Sir! You had a cjr700 scheduled and the flight left as a cjr700. I evenhad my kid show the agent the DoT BoR on her phone. The gate agent essentially bullied my kid into taking the deal being offer which was less that 50% of the appropriate compensation as it states in the LAW.

I've filed complaints with UA and DoT but we as passengers need to hold our ground and force the airlines to be compliant with the law.


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First mistake was flying United. If American, Delta, Virgin or Southwest are going to the same place I will pay a little extra. This was just United being United.
Agreed that United seems much less interested in customer satisfaction than other carriers. Infact, UA rebooked my daughter on a AA flight. The message of this post beyond the incompetence of UA is that as flyers we need to know our rights and demand our rights. As long as airlines continue to overbook (and severely in this case), there will be issues.

I looked like a complete imbecile flying in Asia when I was insistent about having a seat assignment. Little did I know they do not overbook even on low cost carriers like Malaysia Air or China Air.
UA just called me back following up on the DoT complaint. I was completely correct and they are issuing additional compensation on top of what was provided previously. However the key was, my kiddo did not sign the VOLUNTARY release. I heard her on the phone saying she was signing and I screamed NOOOoooooo! She scratched out her signature.

The gate agent was lucky I was not there in person. I would have had all 10 passengers involuntarily bumped filing complaints. Someday the airlines will learn that excessive overbooking does not pay.