Unintended consequences - I have virtual cancer

As we all know when we search the internet for something, that query is stored in the internet and used by marketing companies to target ads to your desktop going forward. Many know that my Dad recently passed from cancer. During his illness I was busy gathering information from the internet on his treatments and prognosis to act as a fact checker for doctors visits and give me an understanding of the road ahead. My search history filled with terms like non Small Cell, carcinoma, Stage III, immunotherapy, Whole brain radiation, proton treatment, palliative care, hosptice, feeding tube and other fun and exciting terms.

Google is convinced I have cancer. All the great ads from Pharma (BMY I am looking at you), Cancer Treatment centers of America, hospitals, hospices and the plethora of experts, drugs and facilities promising the finest treatment for whatever ails you.

I am now searching on puppies, kittens, rainbows and sweaters just to bring a sense of normalcy back to my ever present ad stream.

The interesting question is - What if health insurance companies or employers could tap into the Google database to make hiring or health insurance decisions about me?? There in lies the value in protecting your privacy.
Agreed, the profile will clear itself over time and incognito should be taught in HS technology class. But the danger of profile mining is a real thing. I have access to all LinkedIn Data, hidden or not based on my license with LinkedIn. The same is true of google and other companies that offer free services. When google is not not charging you, YOU are the product.