TX/OU on my iPhone?


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I'll be at my daughter's softball tournament all day today in Southlake. Does anyone have any idea how I can either stream the TV broadcast of the game on my phone, or even just the radio broadcast?



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You can also watch the play-by-play live (via lines on a graphical football field) on mobile.espn.com

I love my slingbox and my android slingbox app. I can watch anything I have on my DVR at anytime (in HD) on my EVO!! I don't know if iPhone has a Slingbox app, but it is worth looking into getting if they have the app. If I were to take a flight and wanted to pay for internet access, I could watch live tv while on the plane. If I am driving a long distance on vacation, which I will be over Christmas, I can watch movies from my home TV on my phone through my slingbox. Pretty cool.
Wow, aggieteach... that IS cool.

Valcox... no idea, other than the ESPN push notifciation when someone scores. Surely, there is a way though.

You must really love your daughter. :)


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Valcox, just download the ESPN app...it's free. You can get the game cast and "watch" rela time play by play.

While not the tv broadcast, it's the next best thing.

Oh and yes you can do Slingbox on the iPhone