Tonight! The Walking Dead!


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Liked the episode! But unanswered questions abound!

Really was so happy to see Rick reunited with baby Judith. Maybe this will be the trigger that keeps him from having a near-mental breakdown again.

Also glad Tyreese did what he had to do.


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I've never watched this. Is it too late to start?

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You really should start from the beginning. The first 4(?) seasons are on Netflix. Start and enjoy the ride. You will catch up in no time and this series is going to be around for awhile.

I enjoy The Talking Dead too. I don't know if that's on Netflix and I think it would be some trouble trying to tie them up. The Talking Dead has some fascinating insight and theories about why the characters do what they do from the writers, producers, actors and famous fans like Conan O'Brien last week.


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Who came back with Daryl? Was it Carol? Maybe it's Morgan? It could be someone new but I feel like it's someone we've all forgotten about.



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Probably someone new that will lead them to the next "safe zone"... it's not Carol, because why would she be hiding from people she knows? I doubt it's Morgan... if I were writing the show, I would definitely give Morgan a better entrance than that.