Toll Brothers, Darling and Southgate Homes

So headed back to north Texas next year in the summer. Any recent experience with these builders? Always bought pre-owned but want new build this time.



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In 2006, I bought a newly built Darling Home in Stonebridge Ranch. Bought it based on Darling's reputation. I stayed in it for over 10 years and never had even the slightest problem with it other than replacing the garbage disposal after about 8 years. Solid home and hated to give it up, but I became a widower and knew a 2700 square foot home was just too big for one person.
Been in my Darling home for nearly 14 years. Everyone who visits from out of State always comments on what a well built, solid home it is. It is entirely too big for me, but I have yet to find something smaller that I like better.
This is Daniel with StarCrest Realty. I had clients sign a contract on a Toll Bros home yesterday after visiting them at several different communities. Back in my builder days, I worked with Jay, the head of Southgate Homes, on a near-daily basis. Both are really good builders, but it depends on what you like. Darling is now owned by a large, corporate builder, so they are different than they were when privately owned. My cell is 972-940-5884