Thoughts on snow next week


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I hate American. I'm supposed to fly out tomorrow afternoon to Cincinnati, returning on Wednesday. AA went ahead and cancelled my flight before a drop of ice appears.

Then the geniuses went ahead and re-booked me on a flight that gets in right before my flight home on Wednesday afternoon. I guess they thought I really was just flying there to have lunch at the Cincinnati airport, cause thats all the time I will have there.

In addition, when you try and call, it says that the call queues are full and hangs up on you. Idiots...


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My 12:05 trip to Miami still shows to be on time. There may be some problem in Cincinnati that is causing them problems. We have a PDC in Cincinnati that was completely shut down all week because of ice.
How do you know where I've driven in my 70 years on this earth? I commented because you made your situation sound worse than everyone else's.
No I made both of them sound like no big deal. I've driven in inches of ice and multiple feet of snow, neither are bad. My comment was only church is closed there but Dallas will shut down everything.