The odometer has clicked over 50 and the power in the engine is gone...

OK, this is not a car question. I'm over 50 and I seemed to have taken about a 20 year hiatus from exercising. Well I've started back up and holy crapola, my lungs and muscles seem unable to bounce back from working out. I'm not sure if it age or the altitude (I'm at 7400 feet above sea level) but the system just does not bounce back after working out.

Any more seniors out there that have some tips.
Hey DTF..........No expert here but being past 60 myself, what works for me is good diet, balance between cardio
and strength (not gym type of strength-just pushing/pulling my own body weight around), and extra rest if/when
needed. If its been awhile....dont push it but be consistent. Gradually increase walking/jog/bike distance over time,
reps at whatever exercise routine works for you, etc. I like to mix it up so it doesn't become a grind. I also mix in
days of just stretching/flexibility. Good luck
So currently the workout is to bike to work and it's not the distance - IT'S the HILLS here in NM. Some of the hills here are walk up even in my road bikes lowest gears. I wish I could make work closer or flatter, but no go. The best part of biking to work is there is no quitting the workout early.


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key is to be active everyday. Walk to store instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of taking elevator. Don't sit for over an hour straight at work if possible. Eat clean at least 80% of the time. Limit alcohol drinking to maximum of a few times a week. And for me, it's about hitting gym 5 days a week with focus on heavy lifting. Limit workouts to 1-2 body parts per workout. Try and get 20-40 mins of cardio in before lifting. Throw in random workouts once or twice a week like running the bleachers at your local high school or college with some track work mixed in.