The Gates of Prosper

#2 should be fantastic when completed.I hope it will be like Southlake town square.I think that the area North of Eldorado is going to become the nicest part of Frisco.Costco and the Gates of Prosper starting it off is going to set the tone for what comes next.Very exciting! I would like to see the following in The Gates of Prosper.....

- A movie theatre like Harkins
- Central market , Whole Foods or Trader Joes
- Nordstrom rack
- J.crew,Banana Republic,Pottey Barn,Anthropologie,Crate & Barrel
- Barnes & Noble
- Starbucks
- Grimaldis,Twisted root and Burger Bar
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There's a nice big commercial parcel between our neighborhoods ;)

But I'm just hoping far a Dunkin Donuts and a decent pub there...
I'd settle for a semi decent Pub/bar and Grill.

or for the old Coach Joes to re open as something and actually survive. I still think that has the best patio in the City.