Thank you ghetto Kroger!


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I reluctantly went to the Kroger on Preston for Bratwurst and beer.
I found the Brats, I grabbed some Sierra Nevada Torpedo and a brand new dress for the wife.
Yeah, right there in the Kroger you can pick up a slinky dress for your spouse.
It was like, $11.00.
Totally worth it.
My wife was blown away. She could only mumble something under her breath and walk out of the room.


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Wait until she finds out you have been shopping at the Kroger jewelry store. Nothing says love like shopping at a store whose slogan is "Gas points for diamonds".


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Someone's never been to Fiesta...

Although man that Kroger is certainly not anywhere near as nice as the one 4 miles away @ 121 and Coit.


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You should have made it extra special and brought her some Kroger sushi too ;)

I can't stand that store. It's filthy. One whiff of the seafood department and I nearly lose my cookies
I actually went to the Kroger in LE today (423/Smotherman) and it was really nice. I ordered lil RB's cupcakes for school there today and picked up a dz roses for $6.50. I am going to start doing my Kroger shopping there rather than the one at Main/Teel. It is much nicer!


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Never had a problem with that Kroger. The one at main teel is another story. Not so much dirty but its so disorganized and feels very crowded.
How the mighty have fallen. When it opened, it was a new Signature store and was the big deal in Frisco. Then Main and Teel blew it's doors off with stained concrete floors. Now people are ripping both of them for the new store out west. The circle of life is quick in Frisco when it comes to retail.