Texas Cars Direct

Has anyone successfully negotiated the sticker price at Texas Cars Direct? I am looking at a Merc and the sticker price is lower than MB dealers for a comparable car. However, dealership price after negotiations may come out cheaper. Any experience with TCD?


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Buddy of mine just bought his wife's Merc there. Basically the price is the price. The cars they sell are very competitive so they may come off the price a couple of hundred dollars to make the deal work but that is about it. Dealers usually won't be able to get near TCD price wise as they truly work on volume sales. You walk into their showroom and the cars are lined up, they give you a current list of inventory. You find the car, drive it, they will allow you to have your mechanic look at it if you want but unless you put money down to hold the car they are gone pretty quickly. They are a legit business and reputable from what i've seen.
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