Tell me about Megatel


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They are moving into the hood..and they undercut Highland by about 30k..

Starting price on a 2000 SQFT home is 300k.. So they are not cheap.. Hoping they dont bring us down..


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They are moving into the hood..and they undercut Highland by about 30k..

Starting price on a 2000 SQFT home is 300k.. So they are not cheap.. Hoping they dont bring us down..
We built with them 3 years ago in McKinney. Very well built home. Green home, very efficient. We got in before they started charging for all of the upgrades. Very good builder and over all quality is good
They are in our neighborhood in Prosper. They are ok I guess. I think the quality of my house is better but that's just my opinion. We are also getting Gehan which I am not thrilled about.


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Our realtor steered us away from them. Her husband is a home builder, so we trusted that opinion. She said they also had lots of gimmicks like "free" pool and things like that.
Tooleman, the main problem with Megatel coming to a neighborhood is they will build the same #*&$( home all over the neighborhood. In my previous house, the builder would not repeat the same home for a certain number of houses. Megatel will build the exact same home next door....and they will build the same style of home 4 homes in a row if necessary. The home drive-up appeal is above average IMO, but they ruin it by building the same home over and over on the same block.

We have a Megatel home. 4 years ago, I would have argued it was the best value out there. For just at $80/sf 4 years ago, you could get standard....stone front, crown molding throughout, wood floors, granite in all bathrooms, a high end kitchen, wood blinds included, glass inlay in tile throughout bathrooms and kitchen, double oven or built in coffee maker and more.

I'm not so sure anymore. They were brand new to this area when we purchased. There was nothing on the internet about them. I searched and searched because the quality and upgrades of the house appeared to be way more than what you would have expected in that price range. I truly thought that they were advertising the house at a low price just to get you to look...and then tell you there was an error on the website. But the price was accurate.

I can tell you that I was very skeptical given the price range and all the upgrades that were standard. There were no "gimmicks" 4 years free pool, etc.

Fast forward 4 years, they do cut corners. Wood banisters not matching, a few plumbing issues, granite in bathrooms cracked, a large window that creaks so much on windy days that it's hard to sleep...and they truly are only interested in the sale. IMO, the issues are not serious unless there are hidden issues I'm still not aware of.

Customer service was not great back 4 years ago and I'm sure it hasn't improved. And they were new and trying their hardest to please customers back then, but I still felt that they seemed a little fishy and they really didn't know how to professionally handle issues.

I'm fairly certain that when we put our home on the market, we will have issues when the inspection occurs. However, for the price range, the looks of the home inside and out is probably better than any home builder out there.
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My personal advise is to avoid this builder.
I spent close to 1 million dollars with this home builder. everybody I dealt with (loan officers, real-estate agents, bank personal..etc) warned me NOT to work with them but these warnings came way late.

They are by far the worst builder I ever worked with
- Pre-sale was full of lies and promises that never came true.
if they were building your property then DO NOT rely on their verbal agreement and always always put things in writing.
their contracts feel like traps and once you sign the dotted line then you are in their control.

- The building process was painful, they hire unreliable workers and contractors who do the worst jobs, they keep replacing them as if they are hiring their contractors from the side of Home Depot.

- the properties they built had nothing but issues due to bad workmanship. here is a scary example; in one of the properties I bought from them; the walls were NOT leveled, the windows were one length from one side and different from the other, cabinets are not aligned, paint was bad all-over the properties ... yes believe it.

- post sale/warranty
again, nothing but nightmare, it takes them MONTHs to fix a simple issue as they want you to just have enough and go deal with it yourself.

people call them in the market "megaDEATH", take my advise and RUN away from this builder