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I want to buy season 1 of Galavant. I have a smart 4K tv, a 4K Sony blu-ray, an Amazon Fire stick, a Netflix account, an Amazon instant video account, and all things Apple with tablets and phones. Netflix doesn't offer Galavant, but Amazon and Apple do. My dilemma is to buy it on Amazon and stream it on the fire stick or buy it on iTunes and purchase an Apple TV, knowing that my iPad and iPhone can also only mirror with Apple TV. Thoughts? Experience?


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Amazon has an app so you can watch amazon video on your tablet or phone. I would go that route so you don't have to spend money on the apple tv unless that is something you wanted to get anyway.


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Neither apple tv nor the amazon firestick support 4k. The firetv box does, if you have the right box. From what I've been reading no one is sure if either can support 4k with a software upgrade. As the new apple tv has just been released (and my wife just bought me one) I am hoping it can be. From the little information I have found I believe the HDMI ports installed can support 4k. The open question is can the processor chip support 4k. Many believe it can but apple has been tight lipped about this. I am not as familiar with the firestick but my guess is it won't be software upgradable as the hardware does not seem strong enough to support a software upgrade.

So far the best bet to get true 4k content is to have a smart tv (or 4k blueray) with both the Netflix and Amazon app installed. To ensure the best performance you need to "wire" the tv or blueray to the network and not stream wirelessly. Wireless does work but the compression algorithms will compensate for the lower bandwidth and may not show the picture in true 4k.

One other point to keep in mind when you are setting up a system for 4k is the receiver (if you are running your video through it). The receiver needs to support both HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. Most likely if your receiver is more then a year old it does not support this. I had read somewhere that HDMI 1.4 can do 4k video but almost everything else I have seen says you need HDMI 2.0. Both of these specs are needed on the receiver to support 4k pass through.

Finally, I know this question was about Galavant, but since I provided other info...There is very little 4k broadcast material at this point. DirecTV does put up two or three movies a month in 4k (on demand, not broadcast), but you need to have very specific equipment to watch them. I am not sure what the cable companies are doing at this point. DirecTV is saying they will have broadcast 4k sometime in the first half of 2016 with ESPN being rumored as one of the channels. It now appears that in order to receive the 4k broadcasts you will need to upgrade the LNB on your dish as well as your DVR/receivers. Apparently, its rumored, that while the current Genie/Mini setup supports 4k over the network it will not support broadcast 4k. If your a DirecTV customer and were thinking about upgrading your equipment to receive 4k I would hold off until DirecTV clarifies what equipment you will need for broadcast 4k.