Tavolo's is now closed...

Just read that as of this past Monday, Tavolo's and Mattito's in Frisco Square are closed. I didn't care for Mattito's but loved Tavolo's. Owned by same person. Why does Frisco Square have such a hard time keeping restaurants??
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Yeah, it's unfortunate. We were huge fans. IMO Frisco Square would benefit from a better mix of businesses, reasons to stay and linger in the Square. In this case, I think there was more to it than that, but the result is the same. :(
Sadly Frisco Square has never lived up to its potential. The Shops of Legacy is on a completely different level. Not sure why Frisco Square has not thrived but it is a disappointment for sure.
I can tell you why. Frisco was too young when Frisco Square was envisioned. Too many kids, the square is too small and not enough people to frequent those upper end shops/restaurants.

Remember when the Shops opened and the economy tanked? The Shops almost did too. It was just south of Legacy for a while. When Plano grew up, the Shops expanded.

See what Jerry has going on, what's going on around his land, if Wade Park ever opens and the development near Main and Legacy. Frisco is getting there.
I also think Frisco has chosen a different path. The city was not particularly interested in a lively adult scene with bars such as The Shops. I think some on the council at the time felt like bars would destroy the family values of the city. The city did not provide environment for bars to succeed. The city is hyper focused on athletics and remaining the "best place to raise an athlete". Not sure that is the best approach but they are executing to the vision. I think as city ages parks and venues with broader appeal would be better long term.

Personally, I think Plano has done a much better job with attracting large businesses with a strong vision for places to work, eat and live like The Shops.

Comes down to what you want and if I end up back in DFW area Plano would be on short list but I'd pass on Frisco.
Yep..and the 'Rail District' is being developed too. Early adopters don't win sometimes..or second round folks either.
Frisco has a habit of financially supporting underfunded, untested, and inexperienced concepts. Frisco Square was one of those things. Let the market decide what it wants and then let an experienced developer willing to take a risk build it. If he can't build it without incentives you really ought to think twice about whether its a viable project. Wade Park had no business even being started but with the promise of city incentives the developer was able to break ground. Remember, if you take steroids expect to get boobs.


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But Stonebriar Mall was not one of those things. But I don't disagree with you completely..Frisco did/is swinging for the fences along the $5B mile and projects like Wade Park are dragging. The Star is hopping though..but so is The Boardwalk and Legacy West just few miles away in Plano.

Sure the traffic is worse but there is a lot more things to do within in 10-15 min from my home these days. A lot more to do TL94 than when you lived here.
I get around to a lot of the "town squares" and entertainment areas of many cities in the entire D/FW area. Due to my work in the music business.

One thing that really stands out to me is the layout of Frisco Square. You have to drive in to the interior to know anything is there.
On those occasions we have played at the Brixton at the Shops/Legacy, or I have run sound for other bands at another place there, I can setup and then spend a lot of time simply walking around the place checking it all out.

Maybe it's the lack of "curb appeal" of Frisco Square. When you drive up on the main road or see it from the tollway, you really don't know what it is.

Drive past Shops of Legacy, or Southlake Town Square, even the town squares in distant place like Burleson, Crowley, and Carrollton, you can tell what they are, and they are destination places for retail, food, and entertainment.

I don't know the answers for Frisco Square, I just know what I observe.

I do know that most of my friends and others who go out for fun, are headed to the new Cowboy's place off the tollway. Heck people are coming up from Dallas, etc.. as it has been made a destination place.

Now then, the buildings at FS are nice. I love the library and city hall. The people in the assesors office are great.

Maybe the expectations of what Frisco Square should be were/are a little too lofty given what has grown up in the cities around.

It is fine of the city tacitly stays away from the night spots. Heck, Lava Cantina is wonderful place for bands to play; one of the nicer stages in the area. I just think the city needs to decide what they want Frisco Square to be, as it is slowly becoming the "red-headed step child" of town squares.

Anyway, just my observations and $.02

Peace out