Suggestions on Where to Rent a Pick-up or Truck with a Towing Hitch?

Anyone have any suggestions on where I can rent a truck with hitch? Have a trailer but all of the rental companies I have approached don't have a hitch on their vehicles. Not sure about UHaul just yet.


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How long will the "furniture" be used in Lubbock? Four years? Is it leaving your house permanently?
Will it be used year-round or stored "somewhere" during the summer?
Have you considered purchasing "furniture" in Lubbock and having it delivered? Your vehicle would only need to carry personal items then. Store it in Lubbock during the summer if not in use. Sell it when done or if plans change.
Enterprise has trucks with hitches. Looks like Farmers Branch is the closet location with truck rentals.
About $85 a day plus $15 a day for towing. You just solved my problem Opus. Meet us on the 4th and you get BBQ at Hutchins on me! (Or a beer some other time.......)

Wes, I may be borrowing that hitch, if it fits the trailer I have access to! Since I gave you BBQ already I will buy your sweet tea. :)

Thanks so much for your help and thanks FOL!