Sticky has left the building LOL

Sticky Davis

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It's been fun - but it's time to move on and retire the Sticky user name. Taking a break from FOL for private reasons - please don't press. (Though, I thought I would be courteous enough to say adios to my friends - and give you some forwarding contact information.)

I (or someone from our staff) will set up a Texas Dream Cruise user name on FOL later this year to keep you posted on our 2014 charity car show and other charity plans. Thank you to those FOL'ers that have joined our team.

Also, thank you sincerely for putting up with my long rambling posts and eclectic opinions when I got bored at work - which was VERY OFTEN ;) I apologize to anyone I may have offended.

You guys are like family - and the Cheneys and Angela/FOL staff absolutely rock. Providing this forum for Frisco benefits our entire community!

Please find me on Facebook (Rick Fletcher) - or by emailing


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Who will review restaurants now?

Seriously dude - you're one of the good ones and will be missed... see you on the other side my fellow Cowboy... (BTW, we still owe each other a drink and I means to collect....)


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The only poster who could make me behave in the Politics forum is now leaving. Now, my behavior can go unabated. Happy times!

Good luck in all of your endeavors Sticky, you will be missed. For some reason I have no doubt you will be successful. Good people always are.

Take care.
Thank you Sticky for all, okay most of your posts ;) . Thoroughly enjoyed them! You have a definite sense of humor that is one of a kind and you can tell you have warmth and compassion, as well as rationality. You'll be missed! Bless you in your next phase of life.


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Sad news :(

Hope perhaps the "reason" is a silver lining of sorts.

Will catch up on FB for sure!

asta la vista chum :)


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You are one of the truly good guys Sticky.
You set the bar around here for class, compassion, and logical thought.

You will be sorely missed. Hope your break is only short one.

I wish you all the best with your new pursuits!
Stand up guy and an eloquent poster. Always felt I was a bull in the china shop after reading your posts.

Glad I have made our friendship in real life! Thanks Sticky!!


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I'm guessing your friendship requests are burgeoning. Are you going to demand to know their FOL name first ;)

You will be missed!


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I'm speechless.

Sticky was the first person to befriend me on FOL.
To say he's the real deal just doesn't do him justice.

I can promise you this my can't get rid of me that easy.


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So who is going to host whiskey tastings? I was this close to doing the last one. But now.....
Yeah, that.

I am hoping the famous FOL saying "He'll be back - They always come back" applies to you. Never like seeing a quality poster leave FOL.


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You are the one person on here that truly makes reading FOL and enlightening experience. Always a gentleman. Your posts remind me of how I should communicate with people.

Sorry to see you leave. :(. Hopefully it won't be for long


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I second what Van said. There are a few posters whom I expect good stuff from, whether its humor, experience, intelligence or just plain fun. You,sir are at the top of that short list.


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Is it April Fools Day? Do you have a bet to see how many people post to this? Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? (you did post this news rather early)

Truly sad because you are one of the sane, rock solid posters on this forum whose posts are worth reading. Without you it won't be the same, newbies can't replace you, your connections to local people or the happenings around town you are affiliated with. Wow we get a new one called "crapper" and lose "Sticky Davis" not a fair trade at all.

All the best to you.