Sprinkler repair referral


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I used Gabriel with Precision Sprinkler Solutions for some repairs after getting his name on this forum. He did a good job - very thorough, on time for appointment, and informed me of everything he was doing and why. His service fee was $70 (one hour of labor) plus parts. #214-334-2200. precisionsprinkler@gmail.com.
It's a fairly new system but haven't used it in a while. Need a basic tune up/inspection plus repair a drip line that the lawnmower hit.


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I used him for mine and a rental home. He is awesome! Very good prices.. very nice guy also. He texted me when he was late and about a few other things. I recommend. Of course, you can say Brian FOL sent you.

If you leave a message, he should call back within a few hours. Sometimes they are on big jobs. I had him do both of my projects within a couple days of me first calling him.
I used Gabriel with Precision Sprinkler Solutions as well. He's fixed a few zones on my sprinkler system over the past couple of years and has always been prompt, informative and reasonably priced.
Sprinkler Keith at the house today with Irrigation Services. Had a crazy leak that started at maybe 11pm last night. I truned off the valve but man, if I had not heard the water - that bad boy would have run all night - got lucky!
I just used Behrens Affordable Sprinkler Repair Phone:(214) 315-0644 to fix a broken pipe in my yard. Wonderful service and the actual cost turned out to be less than the estimate. When is the last time that happened? I will absolutely use this company again for my sprinkler needs.