Soufire Pizza is History


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Great pizzas, great service - wish they had got the marketing word out. Better value than Mellow Mushroom.

Excellent reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon.
Not hard to do.... food and service have to be SPOT ON to justify such a high price at MM. On Our last few visits, neither were particularly dialed in.... we stopped going despite what could be some tasty food...


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It was in the shopping center behind Spring Creek BBQ on Preston. I thought about going there but after reading a lot of negative reviews I decided against it. Every time I drove by the place it was empty.


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Wink in the darkness and think everyone knows what you're doing. Open a business without advertising and do the same thing.

Never heard of them. Sad.
I think there are plenty of 'good food' places but the problem is that everyone wants everything in the back door. No one wants to drive more than 5 minutes from home.
I'll drive any place in Frisco- want to spend my money in Frisco, not Plano (even though Legacy Park is close). What are you suggesting as good food?