Some windows need replacing-recommendation???


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We've had about 5 windows in the house go bad on us-any reputable/reasonable window replacement company that you'd recommend?

thanks, Jill
We always use JJ;s Window Service. They do good work and always have the best price. Been using them for years, have only had one small problem, and they fixed it quickly, no questions asked! We actually had them put in some LowE windows a couple of years ago, and they work great for heat reduction. Ended up cheaper than tinting, with way better warranty. Good luck!
+1 for JJ's Windows. Our house is 14 years old and only one window has ever gotten fogged. In 2006, JJ's replaced this window with the exact duplicate (meaning it has the white cross bars vertically and horizontally) . This same window fogged up recently and just last week, JJ's replaced it at no cost because of the 10-year warranty. No hassles.

Liberty Glass sold us a bathroom framed mirror during a remodel and they also provided good customer service.