So, my dog's Vet told me that she has lymphoma

Sorry to hear this news. You will know when its time to go to rainbow bridge. Just think of all her favourite things to do with your family and let her have that fun.

This might be a bit controversial, but if you have no camcorder/recordings, take some while having this fun.

All the best to you


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Ashli - sorry to hear this. I'll be thinking of you.
Our fur ball is 13 and I'm not looking forward to the inevitable with her. I agree with the video idea. Might hurt to watch at first but later on would be a treasure. Hope your pet is as comfortable as possible!


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Deciding when enough is enough was the hardest part for me. My male sheltie, who I had to put down right before I moved here 3 years ago, had cancer in his leg. He was still eating and eliminating normally and really didn't seem to be in obvious pain. BUT, at night he became restless when he never had been before. He would move from place to place trying to get comfortable.

I had all tile and wood in my house, so I made a trail of area rugs everywhere he needed to walk while he still could. Then I ended up carrying him everywhere, because even though he could technically still walk, I just didn't want him to have to hobble around or be in any pain. He was almost 40 pounds and picking him up constantly became painful for me and uncomfortable for him. Imagine picking him up to move him from room to room as I moved around the house, to go outside to potty, etc. After weeks of that, I finally made the decision.

I know it sounds strange, but I took video of him trying to get up off the floor and struggling to get around, because I know myself and I knew that weeks, months or years after I let him go, I would question myself and why I made the decision and feel horrible about it. I had to look at it several months later to remind myself why I said goodbye when I did.

Again, I'm so sorry.
We just lost our 13 1/2 year old baby in March to lymphoma. You will know when it is time. Daisy had stopped eating and was very weak. My heart still hurts. It was a very hard thing to go through, so I understand your pain. Love that baby with all you have until it is her time.


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I'm so sorry. This is the worst thing about the animal-human bond but the end of your dog's life this is the most important time together.

When we bring an animal home, we sign on to be their protector from all of life's hurts: we keep them from being hungry, cold, lonely and bored. We protect them from things or people who would harm them. We protect their health as best we can. But when our best efforts can no longer protect them from hurting, when we have exhausted our options there is only one thing left to protect our animal friend from pain. We have to look past our own pain when making the choice to humanely let them go to the Rainbow Bridge peacefully instead of suffering at home for a "natural" death because you were too emotionally wrapped up in the idea you're murdering them or betraying them. It's hard, very very very hard but it is the right thing to do when the time comes.

Cherish your last days and start saying your farewells now. Take lots of pictures and video now. She could have some really good days and then go downhill quicker than expected. Love on her tons. Know there are a lot of us who understand exactly what you're feeling even as there may be the soulless who cannot appreciate what a special bond you've had with your dog and how much it hurts to say farewell. Again, I'm terribly sorry.