Skyrocketing Water Bills / Meter Scam


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I suggested earlier that you take your own daily readings... have you tried that? Shut everything down and take a reading a couple hours apart... see if you have a leak. Be proactive instead of just waiting for a bill. For that large of a bill, it would be cheap to install a secondary meter like somebody suggested earlier.
Could also go out and look at the meter when water isn't being used. It's how I realized I had a leak (my auto-fill for the pool needed to be replaced).
Just got our water bill for March. It is higher than our Feb. bill when we ran our sprinklers twice to water in chemicals. Our winter water use has been 1100 to 1500 gals. ever since we moved her 11 years ago. This month it is 4200 gals. Have checked for leaks and we have none. Anybody else get a high bill?
We're consistently in the 6900 - 7100 gallon / month range during winter months, for a family of 4. I find it hard to believe our water usage would be like this ($100+ bill / month) - time to start paying attention to the meter...
I suggested earlier that you take your own daily readings... have you tried that? Shut everything down and take a reading a couple hours apart... see if you have a leak. Be proactive instead of just waiting for a bill. For that large of a bill, it would be cheap to install a secondary meter like somebody suggested earlier.
Since we work out of town at times we cannot do that. Again that is why we are fighting this since there is only the two of us and one is only home 5 or 6 days a month. We DO NOT have a pool, Jacuzzi, did not run the sprinklers and do not have any leaks. We DO NOT have any children and due to the pricing DO NOT water our tiny little landscaping. BUT the city claims that we are using 48,000 gallons a month during that time. Now our bills have magically come back down to normal.
Did any of you get your meter changed or contacted by the city regarding this?
Here's what they were doing when we had ours taken out. You call, they come and remove the meter and put in a temporary. Then in less than 24 hours their back with your old meter reinstalling it. When I asked the guy who was doing all of this work he gave me a canned answer saying the "Shop Manager" looked at it and said it was ok. So after that the only conclusion I had was that someone in the billing department was picking out accounts and putting in the numbers they needed to make up for their deficit. No other way to explain it. For us our bills magically went back to normal and we never had anyone else come out to check our water system. What did it fix itself?



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Generating income is the primary reason for all your high water cost problems and will be until the public confronts the city officials who are ramrodding the theft of your $$$$ without going to the ballot box to let the public decide. This all comes down to the projected populace growth figures in certain cities most particularly Frisco, TX. I remember attending a meeting 9-10 years ago where Frisco City Manager George Purefoy introduced the then NTMWD Manager to all the attendees and Mr. Purefoy was just effusive in his praise of him, he's still the current manager, I still remember Mr. Purefoy stated the NTMWD manager was not only a fantastic choice to head up the NTMWD (keep these words in mind when I talk about lock step cooperation and the FISD below) but Mr. Purefoy also stated they both were close friends for years. This was the first signal of the Frisco City Manager's plans for laying the necessary foundation for Frisco, TX. to become a juggernaut city in North Texas! Up until then it's growth had been following a population growth curve similar to Richardson, TX., Plano, TX. and McKinney, TX.

Frisco, TX. had in the past sent out news press releases as growth intensified since 2004 that build out population would be around 250,000 citizens. This was not the Frisco City Manager's truthful build out population growth figure, Mr. George Purefoy actually wanted and continues to behind the scenes have the infrastructure built to support his vision, a master plan for Frisco to skyrocket to 400-450,000 people, unbeknownst to anyone in the general public. Way beyond whatever anyone could have envisioned 40-50 years ago when the homebuilding chase up the the Dallas North Tollway was in its infancy. How do you get to those kind of crazee population sizes, in Texas it all comes down to the unequivocal and guaranteed availability of fresh, clean water, without this all growth stops! Mr. George Purefoy gave his complete support for whatever the NTMWD had to charge no matter how outrageous and exorbitant those figures might become or to the criteria used to justify it. He completely trusted his long time and his great friend the same and current manager of the NTMWD to do what was right about meeting projected future water needs for North Texas cities and of course Frisco, TX, now on a rocket trajectory path of immense and uncontrolled population growth!

All this sound hard to believe one city manager and one city Frisco, TX. can have such control over your water bill. Think about the recent 2016 major school bond election that was for the first time ever voted down by the public because Frisco voters got tired of all the taxation and so much money $$$$ being wasted with no responsible use of funds! Why did 4 schools not get finished, the root reason Mr. George Purefoy had set up a program of intense cooperation between Frisco ISD's plans for future growth in unison with what Mr. George Purefoy's grand plans were for future population growth. No other city in North Texas has such a system of almost lock step cooperation, irrespective of what it costs the taxpayers (does JJ's The Star come to mind). All the while the FISD started a non-stop campaign of disinformation that those voters (citizens) opposed to the bond package were just against the welfare of the kids and misinformed, nonsense, The citizen/taxpayer said enough of this and voted overwhelmingly NO! YOU did not have a chance to STOP the NTMWD and outside sources from coming together and in a conspiracy of TACIT APPROVAL, decide how HIGH your water bills would eventually become, no referendum vote was ever submitted for a major review by all the general public and explanation in full view (transparency). You rarely see Mr. George Purefoy in public he shuns the press and any real in depth interviews. So his recent comments about water and it's cost to YOU finally gives YOU a genuine clear picture of his thoughts published 12-17-2016.

Frisco City Manager George Purefoy's justification why YOU pay so much more for water, it's slanted toward assurance his vision is realized no matter what it costs the citizens. Note he never mentions he laid the foundation for these high water costs to insure his plans for Frisco's incredible growth could be realized at the expense of his own Frisco citizens and other citizens in other cities. Incredibly it seems like George Orwell's 1984 is in our midst!

Citizens get the government they deserve.

Have a great day!

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I remember when I moved here in 2000 there was an article written on NTMWD about how they were planning 2 new lakes to come on soon to handle the population growth that was expected. I don't remember the timeline but I know it wasn't 17 years in the future.