sightseeing / things to do around town


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We have a visitor who is going to be staying with us for a week.
she is under 21 age.
Not sure where to take her.
This weather is not helping either.

Any suggestion?
Depends on her interests. Most of my nieces in that age group ive in more rural areas without much retail - so when they visit us they get real excited about shopping - particularly like the Allen outlet shops, the Galleria and Northpark. Or closer like Stonebriar mall or Shops at Legacy (walking around on a nice day including a dining break.) If she likes sports, take her to a Roughriders game. Or museums like the Bush center, the Perot museum or Frisco's video museum. If she's into nature, the Heard museum in McKinney walking their nature trails.
How about bowling at Pinstack, Striks, or Main Event. Indoor Kart racing at Pole Position. Go to Babes and mention it's her birthday to your server. Legends games are always good to watch. Ice skating at the Galleria.
Depends on interests

Clyde Warren Park
Nasher Sculpture Garden
Roughriders game (if she likes sports)
Ft Worth Stock Yards
Kimball Art Museum
6th Floor Museum ( after 20+ years in Dallas recently went with visitors)
Downtown McKinney


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Head up north to horse country and go horseback riding. Frisco is not that far from Pilot Point etc..lots of places that offer trail riding.