Scotty P's

It doesn't help they close at 8:30. There are some nights we eat late and Scotty P's is out of the question because I'm not going to order take out when the restaurant closes in 30 minutes.
Lots of competition for your burger dollar. Additionally, there is a customer expectation for the finishing touches of a franchise location versus a mom and pop. I think Scotty P's works in a more rural setting, but as the finish out in Frisco takes over Scotty's looks sub-par.

There is no secret to cooking 80/20 beef on a flat grill.
I used to be a huge fan of Scotty P's. About 5-6 months ago I ordered take out and the burger patty was way over cooked and the Onion rings were burned. I called and spoke to the manager who stated that my next visit was "free."

I haven't been back since.


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I never sat foot back in the original, when it was the only one, when the owner came on FOL ranting on to some members that were talking about the place. He took the low road in a hurry !!! Figured anybody that would act like that doesn't need my business. Was always packed then so I'm sure he didn't miss my business, and I didn't like the order your food and then wait for a table to open concept.