RX costs OMG

Try buying insulin for your type 1 teen. Deductible not met, so 4 bottles for the month is almost $1000. Not something we can do without.
I ran into something similar a few weeks ago. Our pediatrician prescribed an epi-pen for my daughter because of a suspected allergy (the allergen typically causes pretty severe reactions). We hadn't met our deductible yet, and WITH a $100 coupon that the doctor recommended we print off, it was going to be almost $400. $400 for something we may never have to use and that has a relatively short lifespan (and no generic equivalence).
Wonder what you have to give up when using those coupons?
Why would they give it away?
They must be using your ID data for something - data is big $$.
They are definitely not in it just to be nice and give away their drug to people that find a coupon on the internet.


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I'm in the same boat. Doc was about to put me on Enbrel 5 years ago. She said that nothing else would work. I went gluten free and have been in remission since.

Not sure what the insurance cost of Enbrel is, but the list price is around 3k per month, so I've saved my insurance company a ton of money. Unfortunately, there isn't much incentive for people to try alternative remedies, so many end up taking pills that cause other side affects and then they have to take pills for that...

I can tell you. It's about $1400 per month under insurance. The drug company that produces it provides a financial assistance plan that covers the cost so essentially it's free. You do not have to prove financial need they just give it to. When it was explained to me i asked "who wouldn't do this?" they said they haven't seen anyone yet decline it. I can tell you that in order for this to work I had to go through a specialty pharmacy that my insurance company works with. You will find that your local walgreens, CVS et al will start to be cut out of the picture of a lot of the more expensive drugs in the future.