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My 8yo daughter is TOTALLY obsessed with Taylor Swift. I usually don't have any issues with any of my kids "idols", but she loves to write stories, poems, etc...."just like Taylor" she says. She heard on the radio this morning on the way to school, the talk hosts talking about Taylor breaking up with her lastest, and my daughter said, "Ohhhh, a new Taylor song about the break-up will be out soon!" Initially I just laughed about how well she has gotten the concept of writing about personal experiences, then I wondered if she may think that it is "normal" to break-up publicly and turn it into a hit song for profit.

Am I worried too much? Should a brief chat about how "most" non-public figures don't get into relationships, break-up, write a song, and let the money roll in? or just let it go as a passing fad.

Also, just for fun, Who will be the next idiot to date Taylor and have their relationship/break-up, turned into a hit song?
IMO it's not a big deal. You might have a little discussion about it with her giving you her thoughts and just balancing it with real life, but to me Taylor Swift is pretty innocent compared to some other idols she might want to emulate. I love Nikki Minaj but that would be a lot harder to work with . . . I'm sure plenty of teenagers write poems/songs about breakups and everything else and I think it's a great way for them to express themselves and get their feelings out. I would actually encourage that ---you never know she might be brilliant. I think a good percentage of love songs are inspired by break ups. LOL


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Most artist draw on their life experiences or else their work would have no passion.

Taylor is also very young. I don't think it is much different than all the girls who blog or Facebook every aspect of their life. Taylor just makes money from it - and I say more power to her! Her songs are pretty harmless IMO.

It is certainly worth a dialogue and speaking about your beliefs on discretion and what not. At least she isn't liking some artist whose music springs from the drug culture or that idolizes violence.


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I would no have a problem with it.. It is a good way to open conversations about why they like her and talk about good role models and those you don't like and why to see how they think.. it is also good to have as the role model grows and changes to continue the conversation.

My DD about that age was all about Mylie Cyrus/Hannah Montana.. yeah.. but she has deleted all her songs saying she doesn't like the choices she is now making.. another great conversation while not lecturing.
I wouldn't worry about could always be worse ( Justin Bieber, LOL.) She'll grow out of one obsession and into another eventually. My 8 yr old is obssessed with Angry Birds right now.


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Funny you mention Taylor Swift. We were just talking about what idiot will date her next? I've never heard so much scorn, from a 22yr old? Get over yourself!

As far as preteen idols. All girls go through some kind of pop singer obsession. At 8 I wouldn't worry about it.
I myself, tend to listen to artists accordingly. How they behave IRL does distract whether ill buy their records or not. But 8 yr old dont understand that kind of thing. By the time you get around to talking about it, she'll be into something else ;)


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So last year my 7 year old decided she like Ke$ha and started writing her own name (which has an S in it, naturally!) with the $ symbol. Homework was coming home with $ in the name, I was like what?!

She had just heard a few Ke$ha songs in passing on the radio due to older sister, and what 7 year old doesn't like glitter, and apparently Ke$ha likes glitter so they had that in common lol. But thankfully that stage has passed.

I feel Taylor Swift is one of the ok role models, as she is not in jail, on drugs, etc. I guess being a serial dater is her only crime. I had to shield the girls from the TV the other night, hubby was watching Two and a Half Men with Miley Cyrus guest starring, wearing VERY little clothing, and I didn't want to explain to my girls why Hannah Montana was on TV playing an adult ****ty role!