Restaurant with private room


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I have a dinner meeting on Monday evening for around ten people. I'm having a hard time remembering restaurants with side/private rooms. Any suggestions?
One2One, Randy's, also that Italian place across from One2One - used to be Isabella's now Gardina something, Mattito's, Cantina Laredo, Buco di Peppo, Magianno's, Blue Mesa.


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III Forks has nice private rooms ~ we have rented them out for a graduation & a birthday. My husband has his work holiday party there almost every year. Maggianos is another place that has private rooms as does Patrizios.
Not a private room - but it's my "go to" place lately for large group functions lately. Fede Trattoria on Eldorado. They'll put your group in the back corner on a long table. Sort of a separate wing of the restaurant. (NOLA Grill does this also for groups btw.) Plenty quiet and private for a business meeting - particularly on a slower week night.

We hosted my son's graduation party there for around 25-30 people and it was plenty private for us - and the bill was reasonable even though we served a full dinner and alcoholic drinks. Service and food were phenomenal.

ETA - oops I just read the OP again - both Fede and NOLA are closed on Mondays. Never mind.
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