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We are looking to list our home soon. We've talked to one real estate agent, but would like to see one or two more before listing. Can you recommend a good one?? No need for big box names - I already know who they are and may contact them - prefer someone who's been in the business awhile, but it can be a fairly new agent trying to get their feet on the ground. Thanks in advance!!!!


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Seriously? Umm...Jeff. Think it took him a whole week to sell ours but I could be wrong, probably 4 days.
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I am also looking at listing my home relocating to Seattle, if you recommend someone it would be interesting to know why ?

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Try this group.

Jeff Cheney is a Frisco resident, on the city council and all around good guy. You can't go wrong with his company.

Good customer service/reputation/professional "know how" - but most importantly people are selling their homes VERY quickly - many stories going around about folks selling their homes within a day or two - and many others in less than a week with The Cheney Group. (Often at, or above asking price.)