Pluckers Wing Bar

I wish Plucker's would expand out here to Frisco. Went to college in Austin area and I miss this place so much. I think there are one or two in Dallas, but it's just not quite worth the drive. Buffalo Wild Wings and Wing Stop can't compete with these guys.
Love Pluckers, but don't really like driving that far just for wings. Closest thing I have found around here is Sauced at Coit/Spring Creek in Plano. They have nice big wings and they get the skin all nice and crispy like Pluckers, but sadly I can't get Pluckers fried pickles anywhere else


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When I talked to one of the managers several months back he mentioned they were considering something in the Frisco area for a store, but it could be a while.

I went to the grand opening of the Grapevine Pluckers a couple of months back and it went really good. Love being a member of the Pluckers' Club where my wife and I got a free lunch and got to eat at the newest location before they were open to the general public. I let them know often that we need one in Frisco, hopefully they'll listen one of these days :)


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I went for the first time last month at the Grapevine location. It was by far the best that I've had thus far. The fried pickles were amazing. I joined the club and while we won't be out there much, I will make the time to eat there. Also, I tried the fried Oreo for dessert. Wow! I think I put in a couple of pounds just thinking about it. Pluckers > BWWW and it isn't even close.
Yeah their fried pickles are pretty damn good, but they are $$$$

Took my girlfriend there a few years ago and made her try fried pickles. She swore she wouldn't like them, now she orders them from any restaurant we go to that has them.


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Just ate at Pluckers for lunch today. Special for Pluckers Club Members is the fried Twinkie which is very tasty.

Definitely worth it to join the club. You get a free Appetizer or Dessert every visit, plus any time they open a new location you get a free lunch. Not to mention free lunch on your birthday, your spouse's birthday, and also on the b-day of your kids, and $10 for every $100 you spend.

I think that Baker's Gold is my new favorite sauce there.


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I just received an email stating that Pluckers will be opening a location in Plano @ Preston & Park in the next couple of weeks. Current card members can participate in the pre-opening this weekend.
Ahhh exciting!! I love Plucker's, we are also card members! We got to pre-eat at the Allen location before it opened, here's hoping we can go to this one too! I admit it is going to be really nice (and BAD =P) having one so close!


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Our newest location,
Opening Soon!
3316 Preston Road
Plano, TX 75093

Open now...
190 E. Stacy Rd. Suite. 1800
Allen, TX 75002

1709 Cross Roads Dr
Grapevine, TX 76051
phone: 817-416-BIRD (2473)

5500 Greenville Ave. Suite 406
Dallas, Texas 75206
phone: 214-363-WING (9464)

Arlington Highlands
Shopping Center
4000 Bagpiper Way, Suite 140
Arlington, Tx 76018
phone: 817-784-BIRD (2473)