Please tell me this is not a flea...


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I swear this is not a gross bug photo (I hate it when people post those!) but it has been so long since I've even had to deal with fleas and I'm afraid to even try to look up a picture because they gross me out so much. I was playing on the floor with my kitties tonight and found 5 or 6 of them roaming around on my carpet. They look like the little black bugs that I was finding in their water bowl when I kept it on the kitchen floor. I don't remember fleas having pointy "noses".

Last thing I want is a flea infestation in this new apartment so if it is fleas I need to get them treated ASAP! They don't go outside at all but I'm sure it's possible that I transported one in on accident.
Weevil that is!

Weevils are often found in dry foods including nuts and seeds, cereal and grain products, such as pancake mix. In the domestic setting, they are most likely to be observed when a bag of flour is opened. Their presence is often indicated by the granules of the infested item sticking together in strings, as if caught in a cobweb.

Really not to harmful just a check your pantry and if you find them there toss everything not in a can. They can get in closed boxes. They love flower, sugar, cereal, rice, grains, bread, everything you can put in a pantry really. Don't panic just clean really well and if you live in an apartment might ask them to spray as they can be coming from another apartment stuck to yours.


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Weevils I can deal with. I'm not sure why they're roaming around my carpet, but I'll take them over fleas any day! Gave the carpet a good vacuuming and will inspect my pantry foods. I'm not a big fan of using pesticides in the house with my kitties. Definitely was not keen to the idea of having to treat the entire house and them if it was fleas. Looks like I've avoided that for now!

Thanks for the help!