Please Recommend an Urgent Care Facility with Extended Hours


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I had a reaction to an antibiotic that I was given by my regular doctor. Because it was 5 AM, I didn't think I had any other option but to go the hospital's emergency room. I was seen and bloodwork was done. Nothing major was amiss, so I was released about 90 minutes after I arrived. (One entire hour was devoted to waiting on the bloodwork.)

My bill for that adventure was ridiculously expensive, even with insurance. For future needs, is there a facility that offers urgent care (with extended hours) that is more affordably priced?


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Even Legacy's "ER" hours are much less expensive than a hospital's ER. I had to have a CT Scan at Legacy at about 10pm one night and it cost me less than $100 out of pocket after insurance paid. It's my family's preferred emergency room.