Pediatrician recommendation needed pls.

We love Willow Bend Pediatrics in West Plano. It is not in Frisco, but they are awesome. We love Dr. Frank because we have a little boy and we think he needs a male doctor, but have seen Dr. Sickler and love love love her too! We have actually seen ever doctor in that practice and they are all great.


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I like Dr. Thai with Stonebriar Pediatrics. Very personable, very knowledgeable, very thorough. The man knows his stuff! :)

He's in West Frisco, Legacy/Warren Parkway area. Good luck!


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We use Dr. Susan Weiser at Centennial Pediatrics (121/Independence Pkwy). I absolutely love her. My son is almost 10 months old and Dr. Weiser is so good with him. She always takes the time to listen to my questions and I never feel rushed. I have several friends who see Dr. Newton in this same practice and they really like him, too.

Good luck!


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We use Dr. Frank at Willowbend and have used them for 14 years and there is not one time that I had issues.

We have seen all the Drs and like them and trust them all. I do not know Dr. Michaels as well and for some reason she is my last choice there but I know others that use her consistantly and LOVE her - maybe a personality thing?? We do like the new Dr. there and will probably switch DD to her in the next year or so - just so DD is comfortable as she gets older..

- they have sick vistis on Sat. morning
- they have a nurse line where you can call and leave questions (call back time is reasonable)
- same day sick visits
- separate sick/well waiting areas (with movies showing)


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We see Dr. Nail at Centennial Pediatrics. We have been very pleased with his care. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the other doctors in his practice as well.


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Ive used Dr Guetersloh at Centennial for several years. But I believe they only take new patients if they are babies. You might want to check into this. I see there is a Dr Wesier now, so it might have changed.

I have seen Dr nail and Newton too, all great!
Another recommendation for Dr. Thai with Stonebriar Pediatrics


I interviewed a bunch of local peds before selecting Dr. Thai before my triplets were born.

He made several visits to the NICU to see them when they were born and has been a terrific ped! He is very knowledgable and has a wonderful, warm personality.
We use Dr Nail too and he's wonderful! Their new office is beautiful too. He always takes his time and has always been able to squeeze me in if my DD had an urgent need. They are also open on Sat mornings for sick appts too. And if i remember correctly he won Ped of the year - it was an award that other peds nomiate a dr for


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We go to Willow Bend Pediatrics, and have had nothing but a great experience so far. Our daughters Dr. is Mehendale, but the last two times we have seen Dr. Lee and I really like her and she answers all of my questions and doesn't ever rush us. We have been lucky with our 9 month old and she has only had to be seen for well visits and one sick visit.


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Honestly, there's a lot of fantastic doctors all over this area! I would take down the names of the ones being recommended, check to make sure they are on your insurance plan, see if they have privileges at the hospital you're delivering at (so they can see your baby from the get-go), pick male/female or who you want based on years of experience and info based on their medical board records, and be sure to try to find someone in close proximity of your home (very helpful especially if you have more than one child at home, I had 3 under 5!)....... once that is done, you can make appointments to interview them and visit the facility.

Or, you could do my approach and ask your OB who her children see, and then choose that group. I was feeling low-maintenance that day.
We see Dr. Nail at Centennial Pediatrics. We have been very pleased with his care. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the other doctors in his practice as well.
Ditto on Dr. Nail - he is awesome! We have seen Dr. G on a Saturday and he was great, too. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the docs in this practice.
We use Dr. Deborah Bain at Health Kids Pediatrics. It's located in the Kroger shopping center on the corner of Lebanon and Legacy. She's wonderful and so is her staff. She does the "alternative" shot schedule; but she'll also do the reg. shot schedule. And she delivers at Frisco Baylor and Presby Plano. We've had several after hour questions, and we've always gotten a prompt return call. Again....we LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!