Payroll accounting question


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I am trying to figure this out, and was hoping someone on here has some payroll accounting experience and might know the answer..

At the beginning of the year I took on a second job working part time, its straight 1099 hourly pay.. But paid semi-monthly.. Looking at my checks going back to the start of the year they have always been for 2 weeks worth of work.. But in Jan there were 22 working days and in March 23 working days.. Looks like I have an extra week added up..

So I know if you are paid by-weekly, you get 26 paychecks a year.. So twice a year a month with 3 checks, if you are salary and semi-monthly you get 24 paychecks but they are slightly bigger.. But Hourly and semi-monthly, that does mean I should be getting a check with 3 weeks worth at some point..


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I am part time and paid hourly and paid every other week. You will receive 26 pay checks (2 weeks of pay) in the year which equals to 52 weeks. Most employers pay 1 week in a rears.

Example: You start on April 1st and the 1st pay period is April 7th. You would not be paid April 7th but your first pay check would be April 21st which would be paying your for 4/1- 4/15. If you quit your job you would get 1 more pay check for 1 weeks worth of pay.

Also some employers even pay salary bi weekly and they too get 26 pay checks. They just figure their pay out over 26 pay periods instead of 24. Still equals to the same amount of salary. My husbands old job he just left in January after 9 year was bi weekly and is now on paid on the 15th & 30th of the month (only 24 pay checks).