Oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal


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My husband is not a fan of doctors dentists etc. he ended up at Dr. Davis to have wisdom teeth removed and said it was a good experience. We also used him with our HS kiddo with no issues.


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Dr Davis is fantastic, did my sons wisdom teeth and cleaned up what a crappy doctor did to my daughter. He was very caring and knew what he was doing.
I used Dr. Mark Davis last year. I personally thought he had no bedside manner and an awkward personality. That said he did a good job and is a good doctor. I would use him again for tooth removal.


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We had a mixed experience with Dr. Scott at Stonebriar Oral & Facial Surgery. The surgery itself was fine, but the experience with anesthesia was awful. They want full general anesthesia, so if you're looking for something gentler, this is not your place. If you're OK with being put completely under, then his surgical ability is very good.
Dr. Scott at Stonebriar Oral & Facial Surgery removed my son's wisdom teeth with no issues, we did not have a problem with the general anesthesia. My father, mother and mother-in-law have all seen Dr. Scott for various procedures with great success.
Dr. Scott had removed all the kids wisdom teeth & he has done many things for me. Always amazing & I trust he completely!! He helped me recently, by finding our family a new dentist after a dentist NITEMARE!