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While talking to my mom last night, she happened to make a comment about wanting to have dinner at Old Warsaw in Dallas. I thought that a gift certificate might be a good Christmas gift for her and my step-father, but I can't find any reliable and relatively accurate info on an estimated cost for two. Their web site isn't much help, and the reviews I read indicate that it's expensive.

So, does anyone have a good ballpark cost for dinner for two? No alcohol...I'm not contributing to that, but I'd like to cover dinner and possibly dessert.


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It depends on entree selection - and how many courses/sides/dessert of course.

DK and van's numbers are probably good. Worse case is that they'd have to add $10 to $20 in cash on top of the gift certificate.

For us without alcohol - it's been closer to $120 including tax, plus $25-$30 for tip.

I highly recommend the filet with peppercorn sauce.


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apps run between $8- $16 entrees between $32 to $45 it looks like so if your're doing an app and two entrees a dessert I would think $100 may be just enough but $120 should be fine. They also have a four course prix fix menu for $50pp.